Customized Payment system offered by the online marketplace

Many sellers who are making use of the Etsy platform to do their business are impressed with the transaction policy that the ecommerce business offers and now the company is ready to offer Direct Checkout system for their sellers. The main aspect of the Direct Checkout is that the sellers can offer different payment methods like money orders and pay checks, and also if the sellers do not have their merchant credit card, the shoppers can use their credit card and Etsy gift certificates. Thus the online marketplace broadened their Direct Checkout technique to many countries in Europe. But because of the Direct Checkout system, the sellers outside the United States are given only two weeks of notice to select between their own standalone PayPal account and integrated PayPal account. So if the sellers choose the integrated PayPal account they cannot change to the standalone account after the deadline. December 15th, 2015 was the last date for the sellers in the United States, and the online company extended the deadline to February 15th, 2016 for the sellers in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

According the company, if the sellers opt for the Direct Checkout system they are provided with a lot of payment options like the credit card, debit card, gift certificate, Apple Pay, Sofort and iDEAL. So if the buyers use any one of the payment options to pay their amount, it is transferred into the Shop Payment Account and then the amount is deposited in the seller’s bank account. The European countries where the Direct Checkout is available are the Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Malta, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland and Hungary. The details about the Direct Checkout system in European countries and their deadlines are mentioned on the online marketplace’s website.

Social media helps the artists to expand their online marketing

The local artisans had a hard time marketing their items, they have to depend on the local retailer shops and the carnivals and festivals and the craft fairs held in their place. But with the evolution of the internet and the social media, the artisans can sit at home and market their products. The artisans can connect with the customers around the world and sell their handcrafted items. One of the local artisans who create jewels with the silverware was able to turn out her hobby into a full time business while staying at home with her family. Ashley Warley the crafter studied to become a flame worker and glass-blowing artist. With the use of the spoons, knives and forks the artist created various home decors and handcrafted jewelries. She made use of the Etsy platform to display her creations and connect with global customers. Etsy is an exclusive online marketplace which helps the local artisans to market their creations and for the customers who are interested in the vintage and handmade crafts and bring them under one roof. Warley also made use of the social media website, Facebook to drive customers to her online marketplace. Some customers connect with the crafter via personal messages on the social site.

Many local artists make use of the ecommerce marketplaces like the Etsy, Amazon and eBay to showcase their craft and with the social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as the marketing tool to drive the buyers to purchase their product. By spending quality time at home with friends and family and at the same time marketing their crafts encourage many young and women artists to earn money.

A Social entrepreneurs’ Etsy store

Shoppers prefer the huge brand names to the so called “non brand” products. Having a successful business on Etsy is not very difficult, but it requires a lot of passion, presence of mind and a bit of pixie dust as well, not going to lie about it!
Nowadays, online shoppers want the products to be “one of a kind” and classy. Keeping that in mind, Etsy has many collections of unique products that are all creative and different. Though the prices are nominal, the handmade products are very classy and can be found nowhere else. Etsy’s CEO Chad Dickerson has encouraged its sellers to always keep the prices high, would you believe that? A social entrepreneur wants to provide a better shopping experience for every buyer on the web.
Social media platform is vital when it comes to advertising your products and it can even make your store go viral. You can even ask the town’s best bloggers to blog about your works and it would give you attention from different industries.
Social entrepreneurs are all benefitted by Etsy that makes good market revenue every year. Famous designers are asked to team up with outside manufacturers, but the social entrepreneurs make an attractive sale by doing private businesses. There are hundreds of sellers who are planning to make money off small businesses on Etsy. The US based company with stronger support from entrepreneurs must figure out new ways to attract attention from the buyers and be a good contender to its rivals.

Tips for easy shopping on Etsy

Shoppers would no longer visit the stores at malls in near future, shopping at malls would become so outdated! Online shopping is the new trend that is so today and happening across the globe. There are many online shopping sites that are being accessed across the globe and a few of them are so huge. A shopper needs to know certain things before checking out, especially on sites like Etsy.
Keep in mind that online shipping is not free for third party goods. Also, return and refund policies are not applicable for products that are sold by the third party sellers. Hence, say a big fat screaming hot NO to third party products if you are an indecisive shopper!
The US based online website also offers a vast choice of DIY trends and ideas for every product on stores. Make sure to go through the seller’s history and the shipping payments before you make a final decision. “Etsy Pages” option could help you to browse through more groups of products. Never ever (not even in your wildest dreams) forget to request for a sample product before you order in bulk.
Make sure you analyze and do a research on every thirty party seller before checking out Etsy with your favorite product. Take a note of these tips and follow them during every shopping spree and become a pro at it! You are now ready to slay Etsy like a shopping ninja, all the best!

Etsy Introduces ‘Open Calls’ Service for Sellers

Etsy, an online marketplace well known for its handmade and vintage goods is introducing its new scheme of open calls for sellers in Etsy to pitch up their big name retailers.

In the case of marketing, Etsy always thinks beyond other marketplaces by promoting Etsy wholesale business and its private marketplace that enable sellers introduce items that can’t be seen anywhere. Etsy wholesale is available only to some retailers and other merchants excluding B2C buyers.

Etsy wholesale sellers do not accept crafted items or vintage goods at this time and those sellers who do not list their items for purchase under United States currency cannot set up a shop on the Etsy wholesale services. These kinds of sellers are allowed to do purchases outside US and they can even apply for that – shopsy

In order to solve these issues, the wholesale team of Etsy claims that they had introduced an open call service for Etsy sellers to pitch their products to top retailers including Nordstrom, The walker art center’s worker shop, The Land of Nod, Clementine and Lou & Grey.

The open call is a programmed that captures the idea of Etsy designers and sellers that they can post through various social media platforms. Etsy believes that this Open call will become popular with the designer’s social media networks and the company is very happy to give such opportunity to designers, which they had never experienced before.

Sellers who like to join the Open call service can post their ‘pitch’ in integral and include hash tag # EtsyOpenCall along with @EtsyWholesale to tag Etsy wholesale’s Instagram account.

Taylor Swift’s unfair behavior to her fans from Etsy

Taylor Swift is the mega super star who inspires millions of fans across the globe. Her fantastic music, down to earth image and happy personality have made her fans go crazy on her. I mean, who doesn’t love Taylor, seriously? Her fan base is growing stronger everyday and it is difficult to not spot a single “Swiftie” in a group of three teenage girls!

Recently, Taylor Swift took down all the products that had featured her works such as lyrics, phrases, and pictures. The action has angered many Etsy sellers who are also fans of Taylor. Earlier, Beyonce took down the mugs that had a word “Feyonce” from Etsy and Drake even sued Wal-Mart for the t shirts with “YOLO” phrases on them. I know it’s the heights of stupidity and craziness, how very unfair!

Most of Taylor’s fans are teenagers and Etsy’s sellers who sell Taylor’s inspiration products are teenagers as well. Why would anyone take down products that were like token of love and gratitude? This makes many critics to raise questions on Taylor’s down to earth attitude and they even accuse her of fakeness. After all, those teenage Etsy sellers are not going to make millions of money off her merchandise.

Taylor might have been kind to her fans by throwing surprise parties, sending personalized gifts and doing charity works, but her severe action on Etsy has been a turn off to many fans, I couldn’t agree more to that!

Ways to build a brand on Etsy

People always prefer the huge brand names to the so called “non brand” products. Having a successful career on Etsy is not difficult, but it requires a lot of hard work, smartness and a bit of pixie dust as well! Etsy is known for its individuality and classy products from the artisans. Many people choose Etsy despite its pricier tags and that is only because of the quality of the products.

Focus on something that people would dig in

Nowadays, people want the products to be “one of a kind” and classy. Keeping that in mind, Etsy has many listings of unique products that are close enough to people’s taste. Though the prices are high, the products are very classy and can be found nowhere else.  Etsy’s CEO has even requested its sellers to always keep the prices high, would you believe that?

Social media sites can be your friends

Social media platform is the key factor to advertise your products and it can even make your store go viral. Create an account Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and keep the followers updated with your current works. You can even ask the bloggers to blog about your works and it would give you the much needed attention. These tactics would promote your store to the global audience.

Make changes to the community accordingly

Artisans are all benefited by Etsy that makes fair market revenue every year. The established designers are asked to partner with outside manufacturers, but the sellers make an attractive sale by doing private businesses. There are many sellers on Etsy who are planning to make money off small businesses. The company must figure out the ways to attract attention from the buyers and be a stronger contender to the retail giant Amazon

Etsy goes creative by introducing cute cover ups for your pet’s butthole

Etsy is the place for unique shoppers to hunt down classy handmade products from creative artisans. The company was launched in 2005 as a small startup company which is now known for its enormous inventory. It is also known for its individuality and huge brand name. Many shoppers prefer Etsy to Amazon for unique handicrafts because of its super high quality. The website has got stores that are beyond imaginations, a store that provides hats for your cute pets, a store for teacher’s creative works and many stores based on bizarre ideas. How freaking cool is that? It’s pretty much insane that you could find a store for anything and everything on Etsy.

A shop called Rear Gear has come up with an incredible idea to cover up buttholes with creative and colorful stickers. The shop is already a massive hit among the pet lovers and people who cannot stand the sight of “Mr. Brown eye”. The stickers can also be used on the pets’ cute little faces and the designs include pirate, flowers, sandwiches, ice creams, etc. The store owner is now making huge amount of money due to insanely creative idea. Can you imagine someone making money off the stickers to cover up buttholes?

Etsy is known for its wide collection of unique products from various artisans across the globe. The company has turned many people to millionaires, thanks to their creative skills! If you are planning to make money off Etsy, get your mind engaged with some crazy ideas!

Etsy finds it difficult to remain cozy amid global expansion

Etsy, the largest online shopping website for handmade products are now looking to expand its service wider and stronger. The company has had a decent growth every year and there is an increase in sellers and buyers as well. It has a lot of contenders and Amazon poses a potential threat to the company. However, Etsy has refused Amazon being its threat and the company even wishes for more competition from its contenders. Amazon has launched an exclusive column for handmade products for cheaper prices that could completely take down Etsy. But many users would stick on to Etsy for its classy and unique products despite the higher prices. Also, the CEO Dickerson wants the sellers not to compromise on the prices no matter what.

According to statistics, many buyers from UK and Australia prefer handmade products that are locally made. The company is also working on its search option to display the list of locally made products as the top priority to the buyers of UK and Australia. However, the news has created an outburst among the sellers from the United States because they feel it would affect their sales. The company is currently testing on its search option and would soon release it on the website. Mr. Dickerson believes the plan would further boost the market revenue for the company and grab more attention from the buyers. He also thinks Etsy would be a great platform for creative entrepreneurs to make money off it and the company is one of a kind. We would like to say that as well Mr. Dickerson! Well, time would answer our questions and we need to be patient.

Etsy says big fat yes to Mass-Manufacturing

Etsy has been a platform for many sellers to make money off their unique creations. It has an enormous inventory that contains a lot of unique and high-quality handmade products. Earlier this year, Amazon launched an exclusive marketplace for handmade products that has reduced Etsy’s market revenue by a huge difference. But Etsy’s dedicated buyers did not shift to Amazon because of its low quality products. Mr. Dickerson does not want to compromise on the company’s fall and he even wishes for more competition from its contenders.

Etsy is the top priority for many buyers among other websites that promise to sell unique handicrafts. Many Etsy’s sellers started their businesses just to kill time but eventually turned into millionaires. Established and famous artisans can now produce handmade products with the help of third parties. According to sources, the Etsy store that produces handmade products in wholesale are importing them from China and India for cheaper prices. But Etsy denies the accusations made on them and now encourages mass manufacturing. The sellers can make huge profit by partnering with third party manufacturers and also the company can have some share of the profit as well.

The company is looking forward to expand its service in many countries across the globe. Mass manufacturing is very essential when it comes to global expansion and it could ease the pressure of the sellers during bulk orders. But there are high doubts involved in product’s quality and small businesses have always been people’s favorite.